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About Us

The Gem Dugout is owned and operated by family of Deane K. Smith. The Gem Dugout started as a vehicle for Dr. Smith to explore his creative energy and his love of geological materials. It has since expanded to include not only the cutting and finishing of gemstones, but also the processing of crystalline materials for x-ray diffraction analysis and materials processing.

Deane Smith’s son, Dana, now produces all of the Gem Dugout products.

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Phone: 1-814-238-4069

Fax: 1-814-238-4069

Email: smithdeane@aol.com

What We Do

The Gem Dugout supplies quartz and silicon plates in many configurations. The quartz is cut 6° from (0001). Silicon is usually cut parallel to (510). Both these orientations contribute no Bragg peaks in the normal Bragg-Brentano diffractometer. Quartz plates should not be heated above about 200°C because of the phase change that occurs at 572°C. Silicon can be heated, but it will eventually show some oxidation and reaction with the specimens.

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  • Quartz or Silicon Plates Unmounted
  • Quartz or Silicon Plates Mounted
  • Alignment Specimens
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